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February 4, 2012
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sun and moon by mistix sun and moon by mistix
More human ponies yeaaahhhhhhh

***EDIT*** Since this picture has been getting a lot of attention (some of it negative), I'd just like to add something here. From now on, any stupid comments about race/color are going to be deleted. My personal version of Luna is African-American; if you don't personally see her that way, that's fine, but DO NOT tell me that she isn't allowed to be black. Do not tell me that it doesn't make sense for her to be black because she isn't in the sunlight. Black people do not have to tan to be black, if you somehow weren't aware of that fact already. And do not tell me that Celestia and Luna can't be sisters if they're not from the same race. Any and all derogatory or otherwise idiotic comments about race and color are not welcome on my pictures at any time.

On a nicer note, thank you to everyone who's supported me, favorited/liked the picture, and has been kind/non-offensive in their comments. :)
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"Do not tell me that it doesn't make sense for her to be black because she isn't in the sunlight. Black people do not have to tan to be black."

Huh... I never thought about it this way but black people's skin color is an adaption to generations of excessive sun. It would make sense for Celestia, who is the sun, then to have that particular evolutionary adaption. And there goes my head canon... I think I need a moment to reevaluate some things.
You have a beautiful vision ^_^ The draping on Luna's sleeve is particularly stunning!
theawesomenekotalia Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I MIGHT bewtuhfil! Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) 
The sisters of the sun and moon, swearing that they should never again be parted
oh look, its solar eclipse.. :D
I LOVE this this is BEAUTIFUL
Nice work.  For some reason, your work reminds me of the more stylized Final Fantasy VI (my personal fave in the series) artwork.
This is beautiful, I actually really like Luna's skin tone, it contrasts nicely with Celestia's.
Fantastic design, I especially like Celestia.
Argh, not to sound racist or anything but in all honesty shouldn't the colours be reversed? I mean the reason African people are, well... black, is because of the adaptation to intense sun rays. You tan in the sun. Likewise, when you're in the dark for a long time, say being sheltered in long winters, you pale to get as much sunlight as possible, hence why europeans are so fucking peachy, especially as you go North.

Then again they're fucking magic, so fuck it! I dunno, I got my headcannon. Otherwise beautiful pic.
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